How to price a product or service

How to price a product or service

Pricing psychology depends on fundamental factors

Production cost: It is simply the sum of the number of working hours and the amount spent on external sources such as mockups.
Market value: the average price that those at the same level of work get you for the quality of work.
Customer budget: There is often a location for sale in the pricing process.

Production cost calculation

First of all, you need to specify a specific amount that you want to cut in each working hour, where it is an appropriate amount for the future, for example, $ 50. After you have entered your hourly rate, specify the number of hours that you may spend at work, let it be an hour 40. After completing the previous two steps Determining a certain amount while working, for example, $ 300. After all this, we do the calculations as explained in another.

Find out the market value first:

Through restaurants returned to restaurants returned to the last time I took out Reply: again. And let it be $3000. Third: Through the prices found in some books or websites, which are often very high, let's say it's 4000. You got $3,250 of the latest technology in case you need it, and let's say you got it. Through these four steps, we can say that some brochures contain between 3000 - 4000 dollars


client budget

The most important questions to ask about the topic of discussion are its dire consequences. It was less than the price given, because you wasted your time calculating the price of the service. We closed, we closed. It is not preferable to disclose their budget, because they simply want to be victorious and with as little as possible to obtain it. Provided by TOYOTA, which one would you choose? Note that there are two search engine cars and four wheels, and most importantly, they both lead you to your workplace. Through the customer's response to you, you will be able to guess his budget, let's say that his budget is $3500